It's Time to Start Using Wire-Tied Jigs for Bass Fishing

All our jigs at OneCast Fishing are wire-tired. So to be up front, we may be a little biased in explaining why they are a must-have for your bass fishing arsenal. However, there is a reason why we use them, and a reason why we started hand crafting them for others. So read on below to learn the benefits of using wire skirt collars. Oh, by the way, we encourage you to give them a cast even if it’s produced by someone else (although we would prefer you choose ours).

Wire-Tied Jigs Offer More Durability

Wire-tied jigs just last much longer. It is that simple! Many of the major manufactures use rubber skirt collars to ease the assembly process and reduce their cost of materials. In doing so, they use materials that are prone to rotting and breaking. Let’s caveat this, though. If you tear open a brand new rubber banded jig and fish it exclusively, then you’ll probably lose the jig at some point by getting caught on a piece of cover or structure way before that collar rots away. However, most of us won’t fish the same jig exclusively on any single fishing trip. We switch colors, jig heads, or even swap the jig for some other lure once we figure out the bass want. At the end of the day, that jig you have tied on is placed back in the tackle box and stored away. I have some of the same jigs for years. The problem is, over time the constant wetting and drying, the changing of seasonal temperatures, stress that rubber collar. Eventually, that rubber collar breaks. If you’re lucky, it will disintegrate in the tackle box. If not, you’ll figure it out once it flies off during that first cast, or you reel in a naked jig. It’s not the end of the world to tie on a new jig, but it’s something you shouldn’t have to do.

Wire-Tied Football Head

No More Sliding Jig Skirts

Rubber collars are also prone to stretching and sliding down the hook. This occurs often when skipping jigs deep into the cover where the bass live. Skipping a jig across the surface of the water somehow affects the integrity of rubber collars. Even after a few casts the skirt starts sliding down the hook. But sliding skits aren’t just a symptom of skipping jigs. It can happen when you pitch or flip, cast and swim, or drag and hop a jig. No matter what though, this is not the presentation you want to present to the bass. Keep casting and by the end of the day, every time you throw the jig you’re going to have to reposition the skirt before every cast. Compound this over hundreds of casts and you’re loosing valuable time. We all know you can’t catch fish unless your line is wet. Multiple the few seconds it takes to return the skirt to its proper position and over the course of a day you will realize you have lost several minutes (or more even much more) of time when you could have been casting to more targets.

Arkie Head

The Funky Craw

The Wire-Tied Solution

Wire-tied jigs solves these problems. They hold the skirt nice and snug to the hook and jig head. The metal wire does not rot and will not slip. As long as you have a jig tied with wire made from metal that doesn’t rust, or is painted, you won’t have to worry about any corrosion. That is why at OneCast Fishing we use a painted copper wire to hand tie all our jigs. You will be able to cast all day without having to worry about the jig skirt’s integrity.

Finally, wire-tied jigs are done so by hand. It takes some skill and patience to perfectly place the skirt and secure it with the thin wire. Using wire-tied jigs means you are using a product that someone put the time and effort into with the sole intent of crafting something you are using to catch fish (and hopefully a monster bass).

With that said, because there is so much competition in the fishing lure industry, and the jig market place, these custom tied jigs are no more expensive that a lot of the name brands you see in the store. That is one thing we take pride in here at OneCast Fishing. Custom work at an affordable price. The next time you need to make a jig purchase, I encourage you to pick up some custom wire-tied jigs. Ours or someone elses. Either way, you will be the winner.

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The Bourbon Street Craw. Who says the bass don't want to party? This is an excellent crawfish imitator and really shines around rocky areas or hard bottoms. 1/2 Ounce Football

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